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SpaceBurban1 is Now LIVE!

Arizona UFO Tours special vehicle SpaceBurban1
SpaceBurban1 – now live and ready for action!

When SpaceBuick quit functioning in December of 2021, Michael had to come up with a new vehicle that represented the purpose of the mission. The mission is to spread the truth about our space program, the level of technology in the hands of the elite only, and the on-going threat from tyranny on our God-given rights.

Enter SpaceBurban1. Now live on the streets of Sedona, especially hwy 89-A, this unique truck brings attention to a place where you can get facts, not bull, as information directly from ET was given to Michael in 2001. That information is needed NOW by the People to understand the war that is currently in play for the very survival of the human race on planet Earth. This is no joke, and it is time for action.

If you are a lover of freedom, and you see this truck, please give a honk-honk and let him know that YOU know what’s going on.

Sedona UFO Tour by Arizona UFO Tours and SpaceBurban1

Certified Health Nut

I met a very interesting fellow Sedonan a few days ago. He’s known as the Certified Health Nut, and he has a great book out called #RIPPEDAT50 (available in hard cover!). We asked a few questions about ETs, tech, and more. He’s brilliant, fun, and well… see for yourself.

Interviewed by Troy CaseyCertified Health Nut


The Sedona UFO Tour Guide has the show you’ve been waiting for.

Sedona UFOs, hosted by author Michael O’Sedona is a collection of interviews with people who have witnessed, photographed, and/or interacted with extraterrestrials and unusual technological phenomena, as well as live experiences from those on the Sedona UFO Tour Guide’s nightly Sedona UFO tours.

Having the experience of over decade in missile and satellite systems engineering, Michael approaches all testimony with a scientific priority. The information is presented, analyzed, and probable conclusions reached on the show.

In addition, Michael has had a first-hand encounter with three 8’ ET’s, and the information he received from them is shared with the audience and guests.

The guests include people in the disclosure community, and people completely unknown to the public. The content stays fresh, and the scientific disclosures are leading edge. The responses from people using the 3rd generation night vision are unpredictable, and thoroughly entertaining. At the end of the tour, the attendees can ask any question they wish, to see if Michael has the answer from the information download he received from the ETs in 2001.

Sedona UFOs is set in Sedona, Arizona, a global vacation destination with the most amazing geological formations to see in the daytime, and nationally recognized Dark Sky Community visibility at night.

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